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We each have our own unique style, figure and strengths. As a designer, I aim to cultivate and empower each bride I meet to celebrate the great potential of the female body. 

Since graduating Betsalel Academy for Arts and Design - Fashion and Jewelry Department, I have acquired experience in top haute couture fashion houses. I then decided to open my own high end fashion boutique for wedding dresses and evening gowns.

In my studio, you and I will work together to design your perfect wedding dress. One that represents your character, reflects your uniqueness, and is the most flattering and precise for your figure. 

Getting married is a fantastic experience (which you will soon experience), where your entire world is gathered for one single purpose – making you as happy as you could ever be; my goal is to contribute to your happiness by creating a dress that is perfect for you, the dress of your dreams.  .

Together we will embark on a path that will lead to the happiest day of your life.

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